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04:48pm 02/07/2010
 Before I start, let me say that this poem's pretty much inspired by Hey Monday's "Wish You Were Here". 

Dedicated to the aching in my heart. :/.


These faded black nights,
All the masquerades and fake phone calls,
I picture in my head with fright,
I can't feel anything at all

I need that thing,
My inspiration, that kept me going,
For month and months it's been gone,
Replaced with the cold sweat at the break of dawn...

If only it would stick around,
And be more than an acquaintance,
Like how things were, like when I was found,
By the one that made my emotions dance,

The dagger in my back and regret in my soul,
I can't imagine how happy I'd be,
If my heart was no longer made of coal,
And the smiles and memories were plenty...

Rescue me from this darkness, be my guiding light,
And stop these dreadful thoughts from coming in the night,
Show me you're all you said you'd be, and promise me this,
Be the same that you were, the night of our first...

I can't take it, I can't say any more,
Pain and remorse are knocking at my door,
The evil inside of me is calling me towards it,
What else is there to lose, if I've already lost it...

What meant most to me, what means most now,
What I'll remember forever, no matter how,
Many weeks, months, years, decades, go by,
I'll remember those wings that brought me so high...

And if I ever get the chance to love her again,
I swear I'll do it right this time,
And forget about all the unimportant things, the lust within,
And swallow my pride with every rhyme,

I'll treat her right, and show her who I really am,
That the kid she knew is no longer a sham...
All the lies I told, hatred I caused, I've gone so far from that,
Just to have the slightest chance, to get her back...

But it's too late...

-To Be Continued-
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My Simple Escape  
04:46pm 21/06/2010

Can't you see my mind tossing and turning?
Sanity is slipping away, all these bridges are burning,
I need my simple escape, I need an escape from it all,
I never thought that this is how I'd fall,

Who are you to tell me who I am?
I'm not a pawn in your game, I'm not your minion,
As the ground shakes from the anxiety around us,
I'll drive myself insane when it's all said and done.

Open your eyes and look at what I've turned into,
I've lost everything that I believed was true,
Life is but a dream, but life is such a nightmare,
An illusion of madness, nothing but an empty stare

My simple escape is all that can save me,
The only thing that can truly be,
The one that saves me from losing my mind,
Slowly and surely, I'm running out of time...

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tags: via ljapp
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11:45pm 20/06/2010
 The Night

Night falls on this town, darkness covers everything,
We could light it up, make the heart of the city sing,
We'll take a walk through the star-filled skies,
And unveil this new adventure in disguise,

The night covers you up, makes the treasure unseen,
And that leaves a boy left with but a dream,
Of a girl so beautiful, a true saint in his eyes,
The double edged sword that could be his demise,

Risks make everything better,
Success is never once bitter,
And he'll do what it takes to get her,
No matter whatever, whenever, wherever,

An angel smile with that flair of style,
I wonder what it takes to make her stay a while,
Presence is enough, but is it too much,
To ask for the chance to be the reason for that blush?
mood: restlessrestless
music: VersaEmerge - Mythology
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Writer's Block: Family Is…  
10:05pm 18/06/2010

The crutches holding up the seasoned veteran, 
Raindrops that coax a plant into great growth,
The whole world packed into an airtight can,
Fresh water drizzling down the farmer's tired throat.

A safe haven from the vultures of our modern day,
This thing called family is not one to stray,
For it is concrete, it'll never go away,
You can count on family to be the one to stay.

Without crutches, the veteran falls,
Deprived of water, the plant does not grow at all,
Without the water, the once vigorous farmer dies,
With no family to mourn at the place he lies.

Short and sweet, I guess. Just decided to try out that writer's block^^.
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08:21am 18/06/2010
The double-sided blade of love,
Making and breaking those who find it,
Causing the happiness of a lifetime,
Or the heartbreak of an eternity

What cures infatuation, leads to an unborn sadness,
And what stimulates it leads to an inevitable destruction,
Luck is luck, and luck makes love work,
But what goes for those unlucky enough to not know what luck is?

Too much of one thing is never good,
Too much heartbreak, too much sadness
Too much pleasure, too much happiness
Who knew of all the things love could,

Do to one man, do to an entire population,
And what it could do to our very soul
Ripping it into pieces, turning our hearts into coal,
The double-sided blade of love

On the sun-kissed edge, the brighter side awaits
Rewarding those that have found it as their fate
Happiness and glee and bountiful life,
It knows not of stress and nonexistent strife.

Bringing people into the sky, soaring with their wings,
These are a few of the best things,
That love can bring you, if you just get lucky, just one time,
Maybe you'll find yourself some peace of mind,

With that being said, don't be afraid to take a chance,
There's always time for one last dance,
With that perfect girl, the partner of your dreams,
As cunning as she is, she may be what she seems.

Just thought I'd share that, I can relate to it lately...
mood: morosemorose
music: NaS - Hero
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04:10pm 17/06/2010
Hm, this is pretty neat. Shout out to Erika for showing me this :D. Looks like it'll be pretty useful, and a good way for me to get things off my mind/to the public.

I'm not so sure how often I'll be posting, but let's see... I'll say that this week's post is about someone dear to me in a time of need, someone I really look up to, and I feel like I actually depend on. I feel as if I need to thank this person for all she's done for me, and that I'll do the same for her.

Thank You

Everything I've ever needed, all the things in the world,
When I felt defeated, like my voice couldn't be heard,
You'd stand up beside me, show me that I can,
You turned me into the man that I am,

From the day I was born, right out of the womb,
To the moment just minutes ago, when you were standing in my room,
You've had my back, you never let me fall,
A lifetime of saving, you've done it all.

Thanks so much for the things that you do,
For making your promises and then staying true,

When your life is in the hands of this vengeful  disease

And even at times like this you keep that smile,
We pray that they're wrong, as you stay at ease,
Staying in faith, believing that you've got more than
Just one more mile,

Thanks again for the memories we've made,
And all of the things I could never repay,
I'll keep my promise, and I'll stay calm,
Just promise me that you'll get better soon, 

I love you. 

Well, that's that... That felt good. A way to let it out. I suppose I'll be back soon, but until then.

Do work, xD.
mood: apatheticapathetic
music: Eyes Set To Kill - Falling Fast
tags: mom
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