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My Simple Escape  
04:46pm 21/06/2010

Can't you see my mind tossing and turning?
Sanity is slipping away, all these bridges are burning,
I need my simple escape, I need an escape from it all,
I never thought that this is how I'd fall,

Who are you to tell me who I am?
I'm not a pawn in your game, I'm not your minion,
As the ground shakes from the anxiety around us,
I'll drive myself insane when it's all said and done.

Open your eyes and look at what I've turned into,
I've lost everything that I believed was true,
Life is but a dream, but life is such a nightmare,
An illusion of madness, nothing but an empty stare

My simple escape is all that can save me,
The only thing that can truly be,
The one that saves me from losing my mind,
Slowly and surely, I'm running out of time...

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