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04:10pm 17/06/2010
Hm, this is pretty neat. Shout out to Erika for showing me this :D. Looks like it'll be pretty useful, and a good way for me to get things off my mind/to the public.

I'm not so sure how often I'll be posting, but let's see... I'll say that this week's post is about someone dear to me in a time of need, someone I really look up to, and I feel like I actually depend on. I feel as if I need to thank this person for all she's done for me, and that I'll do the same for her.

Thank You

Everything I've ever needed, all the things in the world,
When I felt defeated, like my voice couldn't be heard,
You'd stand up beside me, show me that I can,
You turned me into the man that I am,

From the day I was born, right out of the womb,
To the moment just minutes ago, when you were standing in my room,
You've had my back, you never let me fall,
A lifetime of saving, you've done it all.

Thanks so much for the things that you do,
For making your promises and then staying true,

When your life is in the hands of this vengeful  disease

And even at times like this you keep that smile,
We pray that they're wrong, as you stay at ease,
Staying in faith, believing that you've got more than
Just one more mile,

Thanks again for the memories we've made,
And all of the things I could never repay,
I'll keep my promise, and I'll stay calm,
Just promise me that you'll get better soon, 

I love you. 

Well, that's that... That felt good. A way to let it out. I suppose I'll be back soon, but until then.

Do work, xD.
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music: Eyes Set To Kill - Falling Fast
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