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08:21am 18/06/2010
The double-sided blade of love,
Making and breaking those who find it,
Causing the happiness of a lifetime,
Or the heartbreak of an eternity

What cures infatuation, leads to an unborn sadness,
And what stimulates it leads to an inevitable destruction,
Luck is luck, and luck makes love work,
But what goes for those unlucky enough to not know what luck is?

Too much of one thing is never good,
Too much heartbreak, too much sadness
Too much pleasure, too much happiness
Who knew of all the things love could,

Do to one man, do to an entire population,
And what it could do to our very soul
Ripping it into pieces, turning our hearts into coal,
The double-sided blade of love

On the sun-kissed edge, the brighter side awaits
Rewarding those that have found it as their fate
Happiness and glee and bountiful life,
It knows not of stress and nonexistent strife.

Bringing people into the sky, soaring with their wings,
These are a few of the best things,
That love can bring you, if you just get lucky, just one time,
Maybe you'll find yourself some peace of mind,

With that being said, don't be afraid to take a chance,
There's always time for one last dance,
With that perfect girl, the partner of your dreams,
As cunning as she is, she may be what she seems.

Just thought I'd share that, I can relate to it lately...
mood: morosemorose
music: NaS - Hero
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05:50pm 16/02/2013 (UTC)
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