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11:45pm 20/06/2010
 The Night

Night falls on this town, darkness covers everything,
We could light it up, make the heart of the city sing,
We'll take a walk through the star-filled skies,
And unveil this new adventure in disguise,

The night covers you up, makes the treasure unseen,
And that leaves a boy left with but a dream,
Of a girl so beautiful, a true saint in his eyes,
The double edged sword that could be his demise,

Risks make everything better,
Success is never once bitter,
And he'll do what it takes to get her,
No matter whatever, whenever, wherever,

An angel smile with that flair of style,
I wonder what it takes to make her stay a while,
Presence is enough, but is it too much,
To ask for the chance to be the reason for that blush?
mood: restlessrestless
music: VersaEmerge - Mythology
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